A Youthful Glow

Having good skin is partly a result of the genes you inherit from your parents, but it also has a lot to do with how well you care for your skin. If you’re like me, you started paying attention to skin care around the time that youthful, healthy glow started fading. When I was in my late 30s, I woke up one morning and saw a face staring back at me from the mirror that didn’t look like me anymore!

I wanted my healthy, glowing skin back. Even though I have followed a pretty careful regimen of cleaning and moisturizing my face, the sun damage from my youth was becoming more and more noticeable: fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, you get my drift.

Then I heard about a new treatment offered exclusively at Chesapeake Vein Center. It’s called Halo, and I was invited to experience the procedure and share my thoughts about it. Dawn Adkins, master esthetician, performed the procedure with guidance from Dr. Surya Challa, a surgeon who owns the practice. The appointment lasted about two hours, with the actual procedure lasting about 20 minutes. I have to say the treatment was a little painful. I’d had a laser treatment once before on some age spots, and I compared that to the flicking of a rubberband. Halo was more intense, sort of like lots of little rubber bands in a concentrated area.

What I was feeling were tiny lasers entering the pores of my face and removing discoloration, reducing fine lines, and stimulating collagen growth. Before the procedure, Dawn applied a topical ointment, which numbed my face somewhat, but I was still glad when the procedure ended. Afterwards and at home, my face felt hot, but Dawn gave me a cooling face mask to soothe my skin.

A couple days after the procedure, my face started peeling. The dead skin cells were being expelled through the pores, giving my face a sandpaper-y texture. I didn’t look noticeably different when the skin was peeling, but if you looked closely, you could see tiny dots in areas of my face, which overall gave it a kind of ruddy appearance—easily covered by makeup.

This phase didn’t last long, though, and within a week, my skin felt fresh and new. I wanted it to be dazzling and glowing right away, but in fact, it took about two weeks for my skin tone and texture to noticeably improve. From then on I have seen additional improvement in my face. There are definitely fewer fine lines and wrinkles. My age spots have almost disappeared. My face feels plumper thanks to the collagen that was stimulated during the Halo procedure. Best of all, my skin seems more radiant and youthful than before.

Results will vary of course, but Dawn takes before and after photos so you can actually see the improvement in your skin. There are also varying levels of intensity, so if you want faster results, you can request a more aggressive treatment. Mine was on the light side, yet I am still pleased with the results. Some patients like to have 2-3 lighter treatments to achieve optimal results over a longer period of time.

According to Dawn, the dermal regeneration phase will continue for the next few months! I’m excited to see how much more my skin tone improves.

For more information, visit www.chesapeakeveinandmedspa.com or call 757-819-7633.

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