Reba McConnell, Professional Artist and Photographer

Tidewater Women's Fran Ward recently interviewed Reba McConnell in her Virginia Beach studio.

Tidewater Women (TW):  Reba, tell the readers about yourself, please.

Reba McConnell (RM): I am a watercolorist and a  photographer. I am also a mother of two. I was born and raised in Virginia Beach. My parents grew up here, too.

TW: What is it that really makes your heart sing?

RM: I have always felt connected to the water, especially the Chesapeake Bay. It’s a special place for me. My connection with the water is what shows up in my art.

TW: You have a wide range of talent from photography to painting. Can you describe your artistic process?

RM: I can describe the result first. I always end up with a surprise. I start with a surprise, too. 

TW:  What sets your art apart? What makes your art recognizable as yours?

RM: What stands apart is how I see it from the beginning before I have used any artist materials. I start by seeing the image in reverse. It’s like looking at the negative of a photograph. I see the shadows of the image, and then I tap into my inspiration to see how it will develop. Just like a photograph.

TW: What comes next?

RM: I see the color scheme.

TW: All of that has been envisioned first. Then how does it become an artwork?

RM:  It is applied in layers. I sketch first to establish guidelines. Then I add watercolors. I let the paint do the painting. Finally, I add the ink element to follow the lines and shadows. It is like developing a photographic negative. I wait and see what shows up.

TW: Have you always been an artist? 

RM: No! I was in the food and beverage industry for years and thought I always would be. But a fire was burning inside me. I needed to express myself artistically. I am self-taught. This is a method I have developed. This is the process that works for me.

RM: As a parent, I am being an example for my children. I want them to know that I am doing what I believe in. I hope my children can follow their passions when they discover what they are. I have a passion for service. I listen to what people want, and I can provide that through my art. 

TW: Can you give an example? 

RM: I paint curvy women, real people. I like to help women appreciate their sizes and shapes and show them how beautiful they are realistically and naturally. 

TW: My final question is always: What would you like the readers of Tidewater Women to know?

RM: It took a lot of years for me to give myself permission to be myself. Don’t wait. Find your passion and express it. Do it a little bit at a time. “Fake it until you can make it!” I used the ends of pencils to practice my skills until I could get art supplies. 

TW: Thank you, Reba, for sharing your philosophy, your art, and what’s in your heart.

Contact Reba McConnell, professional artist and photographer, through her her website

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