Theresa Caputo: Embracing Gifts

  • Written by  Stephanie Allen
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Tidewater Women’s Stephanie Allen had the opportunity to chat with Theresa Caputo, star of TLC’s hit television series Long Island Medium, who appears in Norfolk Oct. 13.

TW: Theresa I’m so excited to be speaking with you, I’m a huge fan of your show.
Theresa Caputo: Thank you!

TW: What can we expect from the new season of Long Island Medium?
TC: Well, we’re just wrapping up filming season seven, which is crazy; I can’t believe it’s seven seasons. We have some celebrity readings, and of course my waiting list, my fans, my clients. Unfortunately, I had a little medical scare over the summer, so we were able to cover that. Lots of changes in the Caputo house. Just when you think you have an empty nest, the nest doesn’t stay empty for long!

TW: Awesome, I’m excited to see it. What is your earliest memory of experiencing something paranormal and did you share it with anyone?
TC: The first experience I can remember–and I didn’t realize it ‘til years later–was when I was four, and I remember seeing always a woman standing at the end of my bed. I didn’t know who she was. I was in my late twenties when I happened to see a picture at my grandmother’s house, and I’m like, “Oh my God. That’s the woman that would be standing at the end of my bed at night!” And my mom was like, “What? That’s your great-grandmother!” But that was my first memory of seeing spirits.
     My mom never made a big deal about things that I would say. She would just kind of embrace them. I do come from a very spiritual and strong-faith family. I am a practicing Catholic, so it took me some time to embrace my gift and accept the fact that I had this gift. What I learned is that people are unfortunately left with burdens and guilt when they lose a loved one. For me, I don’t have that. Am I sad? Absolutely. But I’m not left with these burdens that don’t give me the ability to heal.
     And I find that interesting from Spirit also. They not only give us the gift of healing but also the ability to heal on our own. That’s something so personal. Let’s say you lose a parent and you have four siblings. The only thing you have in common is that you lost your parent. Everything else is going to be different. The way you feel, the way you grieve, the way you heal—that’s okay.

TW: A spiritual leader helped you to recognize that you were suppressing Spirit’s energy later in life. What was it like to stop suppressing that energy and welcome it into your life?
TC: When I embraced my gift, I felt complete. Here I am, I have this amazing family. I still have my parents. I have my husband who stands beside me, who loves and supports and encourages me and who completes as a family. But really deep in my soul…I was ignoring what I was meant to do here in the physical world. So it was very freeing for me to embrace my gift.

TW: What advice would you give to someone who thinks he or she may have similar abilities to speak with those on the other side?
TC: My first thing is that I always tell people everyone has the ability to connect with their own loved ones. That is something that will never be broken because a soul bond can never be broken. And just embrace the things going on around you—the things that you see, that you feel, that you hear. Even if you just think of your loved one when something happens, know that is a sign and a symbol from them that they are with you at that exact moment, loving, guiding, protecting you, encouraging you, whatever it is.
     And if you do have the ability to communicate with other souls that are not directly connected to you, as long as you always ask for the highest good of all concerned, and you want to just always channel souls that walk in God’s white light, you’ll be fine. Just embrace it. Just embrace this amazing ability.

TW: Well Theresa I certainly appreciate your time with me this morning and we so look forward to seeing you here in Norfolk.
TC: Oh, I can’t wait to come back! The last time I was there I think was when my book came out. So it’s been like almost two years since I’ve been there, so I’m pretty excited to come back. 

Don’t miss Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience, where Theresa will share her gift and do live readings with audience members. The show will be held October 13, 2016, 7:30 p.m. at the Scope Arena, 201 East Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk • 757-664-6464 • ($)

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