Think into Being

Scientists are now realizing what metaphysicians and spiritual teachers have known for centuries—the “matter” in our physical world is not really matter at all, but a force or essence that we call energy. Things appear solid and separate from one another to our physical senses. On finer levels, at atomic and subatomic levels, seemingly solid matter has been discovered to be particles nested within smaller particles within even smaller particles, which eventually turn out to be just pure energy.

Physically, we are all energy and everything within and around us is made of energy. We are all part of one great energy field. One very important quality of energy at this level is that it’s magnetic. You’ve heard all the clichés that refer to this phenomenon—like attracts like, water finds its own level, birds of a feather flock together—just to name a few. Thoughts and feelings are energy and therefore are magnetic as well. As a matter of fact, thought is a quick, light, mobile form of energy, and it manifests instantaneously, unlike denser forms of energy such as matter. We can create a loving thought and immediately infuse a situation with love and good will; however, it would take longer to create something physical such as a letter or gift to demonstrate that love and good will.

When we create something, we always create it first in thought form. A thought or idea always precedes manifestation. An artist has an idea or inspiration and then creates a painting or poem. A builder has a design and then builds a house. An idea, which is also a kind of visualization, is like a blueprint—it creates an image of the form, which then magnetizes and guides the mental and physical energy to flow into that form and eventually manifests it on the physical plane.

The funny thing about this is that the goal must exist to summon the energy, but the goal can’t be obsessed or worried about because obsessing and worrying slow down the flow of energy. If you have a lot of intense emotions riding on whether you attain your goal, you will hamper its manifestation. You may be energizing the fear of not getting what you want more than you are energizing the goal itself.

Visualize yourself in the exact situation that you would like to be part of your reality. For example, visualize yourself and make the affirmative statement to yourself that you are driving that powder-blue convertible, for example, with the top down, wind blowing through your hair, feeling the balmy breezes, feeling how much you are enjoying the ride, and enjoying the admiring glances of people who see you driving by. Put in as much detail in the feeling as you possibly can. Several times a day enjoy the feeling of having what you want. Most of the time when we want something, what we want is the feeling that that something will give us. The thing that you desire is just a conduit to that feeling state you wish to be in—the feeling state that feels good!

It is counter-productive to visualize yourself in a wanting, yearning, seeking state—for that is what you will then manifest for yourself: more wanting, yearning, and seeking! “I will find the perfect blue convertible for me” will manifest as that perfect blue convertible always existing in the future, waiting to be found and owned. “I am enjoying my perfect powder-blue convertible” and visualizing yourself in that convertible with warm breezes blowing through your hair will draw that convertible to you. You are visualizing yourself in the convertible and as “like attracts like,” the universe will magnetize to you what you are thinking about, according to the vibrations and thoughts you are sending out. The “will find” statement will also magnetize to you what you are thinking about, according to the vibration and thoughts you are sending out: the reality of always looking for the perfect convertible, which will always be in the future and not in the present moment.

You can tell what your thoughts are and what you believe by what is in your life now. By your thinking, wondering about, pondering, observing, considering, and imagining, you are literally thinking your life into being. What we hold in our thoughts manifests as our life.  We are creating (for good or ill) all the time anyway, so we might as well do it on purpose and harness the energy to create what we want. Simply having an idea or thought and holding it in your mind generates an energy that will attract and create that form on the material plane. If you constantly think of illness, you eventually become ill; if you believe yourself beautiful, then you become so.

We have the power to literally think our most perfect and desired lives into being. Let’s put our thinking caps on!

In loving memory of Sherry Kulakowski, who has moved on to her future. Sherry, a longtime contributor to Tidewater Women, died suddenly in October. Her wise words, caring spirit, and gracious ways remain behind to remind us to think good thoughts and to be caring people.

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