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Welcome to Tidewater Women's Editorial Calendar. Here's where you’ll discover what’s ahead in upcoming issues of the region’s favorite women’s magazine. Take a moment to plan out which issues are an ideal fit with your business and contact your sales rep to start the ball rolling. Or email peggy (at) for more information. Don't forget that consistent advertising brings you the best results, so ask about our deeply discounted 12x rates. We look forward to seeing you in our pages in the coming year!

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January - New Year, New Career Opportunities

Happy New Year! Start the year right with your ad in Tidewater Women’s Career & Education Guide, an important resource for women thinking about changing jobs or careers—perfect for colleges, universities, job openings, and volunteer opportunities. Our special advertising section, Women in Business, offers business owners the chance to tell their story—and reach new customers in an affordable, readable format.

January Advertising Features

  • Opportunities Guide - Career & Education
  • Women in Business special section



February - Beauty & Style

Happy Valentine’s Day! 20,000+ women will celebrate this romantic holiday with their special someone, so plan now to be part of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Jewelry stores, gift boutiques, restaurants, weekend getaways, and spa gift certificates are some of the gifts that top wish lists this year. Also if you’re in the beauty business, our annual Beauty & Style Guide is perfect for reaching women seeking cosmetic surgery, skin care, weight loss, fitness, fashion, and other healthy options for being our best selves.

February Features

  • Beauty & Style Guide
  • Valentine’s Gift Guide



March - Living Well

Welcome Springtime! Spring is the time of year when women think about rejuvenation and well being. Tidewater Women’s Well Being Guide features resources for women seeking new health care providers, hospitals, dermatologists, skin care experts, vein care, massage, fitness, counseling, audiology, dentistry, and more. Don’t miss it. Also if you’re a health care provider, share your passion for what you do in our special advertorial section called Women in Health.

March Features

  • Well Being Guide
  • Women in Health special section



April - At Home

Home is where the heart is. That’s why our April issue features our At Home Guide, a resource for women who want to improve the CQ (Cozy Quotient) of their home and gardens. If your business offers services for the home, this is one issue you need to be in: home improvement, gardening, furniture, redecorating, and more. Real estate agents are also welcome since many TW readers are planning to buy and sell homes this year. Last but not least, our April issue features TW’s Spring Arts Guide. Hurrah for the arts!

April Features

  • Spring Arts Guide
  • Home & Garden Guide
  • Women in Real Estate special section



May - Food & Drink

We celebrate food and fun in our May issue, which features our annual Celebration Planning Guide. If your business caters to special events, the May issue is just for you! Caterers, venues, musicians, florists, party planners, restaurants, and more can inspire women who plan events with an ad in this issue. And don’t forget Mother’s Day! Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide is perfect for getting your message out about ideal gifts for Mom: jewelry, unique gifts, restaurants, weekend getaways, spa gift certificates, and more. Don’t miss it!

May Features

  • Celebration Guide
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide



June - Health & Fitness

Summer’s here, and it’s bathing suit season, which means women are looking for ways to get in shape. Tidewater Women’s annual Healthy Body Guide comes at the perfect time for you to share your health-related business with local women: fitness centers, weight loss services, health practices—if you help women become healthier and more fit, this issue’s for you. Take advantage of the Women in Health special section to share the story of your business with women who want to know more about you.

June Features

  • Healthy Body Guide
  • Women in Health special section



July - Business

Success helps define who we are, and our July issue is devoted to business, especially Women in Business who have overcome challenges to build successful businesses. Here’s your chance to share how you made it to the top. TW readers are inspired by stories like yours and want to know about your business. The July issue also features our Retirement Living Guide, a resource to help TW readers plan for a carefree and fun-filled retirement! Get the word out this month.

July Features

  • Buy Local Guide
  • Women in Business special section



August - Work-Life Balance

As summer ends, women take stock of their lives, particularly work-life balance. Thoughts of new jobs and career opportunities cross their minds, as well as new directions for growth and development—and fun! Tidewater Women’s Career & Enrichment Guide offers schools and businesses the chance to share their amazing programs and classes with a captive audience—women who are seeking to be the best they can be. Plan now to be part of this exciting issue.

August Feature

  • Women in Real Estate special section
  • Career & Enrichment Guide



September - Arts & Culture

The Fall Arts Season is an exciting time as Tidewater Women readers plan their cultural calendars. Don’t miss our Fall Arts  Guide, the resource for local arts organizations, galleries, and museums to share their upcoming season’s plays, performances, concerts, exhibitions, and recitals. Women make most of their family’s decisions when it comes to attending arts performances, so target your market and plan to be part of this artsy issue.

September Feature

  • Fall Arts Guide



October - Vitality

Good health is always on the minds of women in our community. Women know they can’t be effective at work or at home when they aren’t feeling their best. Help women discover your practice and begin a pathway to better health by advertising in the October Women’s Wellness Guide, the resource for those who care about women’s health issues. This month we also offer the Women in Health special section, where you can share the story of your practice. TW readers want to know more about you, so don’t miss this opportunity to be discovered by our readers.

October Features

  • Women’s Wellness Guide
  • Women in Health special section



November - Money Matters

Looking for more clients? We know you can help local women grow their investments and provide protection for their families. If your business provides financial services to women, then you will want to be part of this issue! Women who work in finance—from bank executives to financial planners to insurance representatives—are invited to share their stories in our Women in Finance special section. The November issue also heralds the start of the holiday season—yay! If you’re seeking to get the word out about holiday events and gift ideas, don’t miss our annual Holiday Guide.

November Features

  • Women in Finance special section
  • Holiday Guide



December - Mind, Body, Spirit

As the year comes to an end, a time of reflection begins. Women are increasingly seeking ways to grow spiritually and develop mindfulness. If your business offers inspiring options for women to have a healthier mind, body, and/or spirit, you don’t want to miss our annual Mind, Body, Spirit Guide, featuring health-related businesses that can take women to new heights: relaxing spas, yoga centers, counseling, spirituality, fitness, and much more. You can also participate in Women in Health, an affordable advertorial option that lets you share your passion for health—and reach new clients.

December Features

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Guide
  • Holiday Guide continues!
  • Women in Health special section
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