Super Mom to the Rescue

I was unbelievably excited all last week for Friday night to show up. Why? Because it was going to be Girls' Night - a night with just me and a few of my friends from college, out on the town. No kids or husbands allowed! But this wasn't gonna be our typical Let's-Go-Out-To-Dinner-Done-By-9:00-style of past Girls' Nights. Friday night we were heading out to Harborfest and the Gavin DeGraw/Colbie Caillet outdoor concerts!

Although half of our little group of six are married or committed, I, alone, had the High Honor of being the Resident Mommy of our six-pack. You can imagine that choosing my ensemble for the evening was a bit of a challenge. What did I have that didn't look too "mom-ish?" Perusing my closet, I opted for a cute low-key tank and shorts ensemble. A voice in my head screamed, "Ditch the Mom Purse!!!" prompting me to grab an old cross-body bag from a pile of old, non-kid-friendly purses. 

But as I came downstairs, I caught a glimpse of my friend, Krista, with her chic little wristlet. "Oooo," I thought, "maybe I should do that instead?"

"Can I put my glasses in your purse?" Krista interrupted my thought.

"Um, sure!" I said, and shoved money, credit cards, cell phone and Krista's glasses case inside the small, but roomy bag.

"You don't have to. I just thought, if you were bringing the purse..."

"Oh, no, it's fine! I feel a little lost if I'm not carrying somebody else's stuff on me, anyway," I said. Mom-mode was still in full effect.

We rode the Tide into Downtown Norfolk, and walked to Town Point Park, where Harborfest was already in full swing. Food vendors were lined up on the street, each one smelling more intoxicating than the next. Booths peddling everything from face painting to sneakers crafted a maze throughout the park, and a ferris wheel was lifting passengers almost as high as the top of Nauticus.

We each made our selections for dinner and patiently waited in long lines extending from each tent. As I took my gyro from the attendant, I grabbed a couple of napkins.

Thinking twice, I grabbed a handful and shoved them into my purse. I didn't have any specific reason for taking them, but the Mom in me couldn't stop herself.

"Can't do that with a wristlet!" I thought, as I joined my friends.

Later on, after touring tall ships and tasting wine, we headed into the large crowd packed as tightly as the bags of cheesy popcorn for sale inside the wine tent. Instantly, I stopped.

"Jamie, didn't you say you had to use the bathroom?" I inquired, refraining, at the last second, from a more commonly used term at my house.

"Nope, I'm all right," answered Jamie, mildly startled.

"Oh. Ok. Cause you had said earlier that you needed to go," the Mom in me had to fight off the urge to take her to go potty anyway, before delving into a crowd that would be difficult to fight our way back out of. "Just squeeze some out anyway!" is the line I frequently use with my little girls when they insist they don't have to go, a phrase that had been used by my mother a bizillion times with her little girls.

Eventually, of course, as with all things that inevitably happen in nature, Jamie couldn't hold it anymore. She and Krista turned to leave for a bank of Port-a-Potties.

"Wait!" I shouted after them, "You'll need these!" With a rrrrriiip, I had the velcro unfastened on a side pocket of my purse, and, still haunted by my own toilet-paper-less experience earlier, was handing each of them a napkin procured from the gyro stand.

"Oh, nuts, is that the last of it? I have to go, too," piped up Lily.

Rrrrriiip! A second pocket revealed one last remaining napkin.


Super Mom to the rescue!

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Jennifer Tackett-Hilton

Jennifer Tackett-Hilton is a Virginia Beach transplant (originally from Iowa) and Old Dominion University graduate who swore she'd never date a Navy man.... but never said she wouldn't marry one! Jennifer and her Prince Charming have two adorable (and precocious!) princesses, ages 2 and 5, and one furry pooch, Eddie.

In the (precious little) spare time she has, she enjoys crafting, shopping for new craft supplies, and writing on her blogs, and You can find her on Facebook at and follow her on and

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