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Unconventional Beauty Secrets

We asked mothers, professionals & friends share their beauty tips that have kept them looking naturally gorgeous. These unconventional secrets are tried and true and make looking great both faster and easier.

For lush locks
Beer is rich in proteins and vitamins; through the malt and hops, it contains the nutrients to strengthen cuticles while the alcohol acts as a cleansing and shine agent. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo & then apply beer (hoppier the better) from root to the ends. Allow it to sit for a few minutes & rinse. Half for you, half for your hair!

Baking Soda
For stain remover...and everything else
You wouldn’t think an ingredient that helps remove corrosion from batteries could be used on your skin, but this natural face wash helps exfoliate, remove oil, even out texture & help fight acne. It can also double as a volumizing shampoo. Add a quarter size to your daily dollop. The baking soda will remove impurities making your hair feel lighter and voluminous. Out of shower time? Sprinkle a little at the root and tousle your hair. Same results as a dry shampoo for a fraction of the cost.

For your fly-aways
You know the drill — you run out of a product or get caught in the rain & all of the sudden your hair is everywhere besides where it should be. Take a dime size amount in your palm and smooth out dry ends of you hair working your way up as needed. “Whispies” smoothed & tamed.

For a headache
If you find yourself on the go or without pain medicine, there’s a little acupressure point on your hand that may help. You take one hand and find the tender area between your index finger and thumb and apply pressure with the index finger and thumb of your other hand as if you were pinching something. Stimulation of this pressure point conduct electrical currents to the brain & releases endorphins which have a similar affect to morphine. Within 30 seconds you’ll begin to feel your headache pain decrease.

For shaving your legs
Use hair conditioner by itself for one of the most hydrating ways to shave. Experiment by adding lotions & baby oil too for added scent & color. If you want a thicker shaving lotion, use less baby oil and a creamier lotion. Lighten your carry-on load and save money.

For your nails
Ever remove your nail polish & your cuticles are left looking like you just worked on a car? Wet a cotton ball before applying the nail polish remover. The remover now reaches the hard-to-reach polish in your cuticle beds.

For your cheeks
A matte or satin finish lipstick can double as blush when you’re in a bind. It works similar to using a cream blush. To begin, sweep your fingers across product to get an ample amount of lipstick. Using your fingers is best because our body temperature warms up & any product so that blends into your skin better. Next, sweep rub, between two fingers, smile and then tap your fingers along the upper half of your apples & work your way across your cheek- bone. Want dewy sun kissed skin? Use a light shimmery lipstick as a luminizer in a C motion starting at your eyebrow, around your lobes & down to the tops of your apples. Voila!

Lip balm
For your cuts & nails
Other than healing chapped lips, lip balm is a great product to always have on hand. If you don’t already, go ahead and get some that you keep solely for your bathroom, purse & car be- cause it has so many good uses. Dab along your cheekbones later in the day to shine up dull skin and look glossy. Have smudged eye make-up? Put some on a q-tip & wipe away. No cuticle cream? Apply to your nails —just smooth it over and let dry for instant moisture. Because it’s waxed based, lip balm is also perfect for post-shaving cuts because it stops bleeding & relieves pain in a matter of seconds. Don’t forget to shape your eyebrows, too!

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Sally Foster

My name is Sally Foster. I’m at 24-year-old super senior at Old Dominion University.I moved from Dallas, TX with my family when I was 14 to Virginia Beach and now feel like Tidewater has always been my home.

In the fall of 2009 I began my first semester of college at Tidewater Community College. What seemed like an undesirable start turned out to be a fulfilling experience. I learned to work hard for the first time, and I received my Associate’s Degree in business administration with honors two years later.

Following that I transferred to James Madison University to study business with a concentration in hospitality andfound myself doing the same at Old Dominion University a year later. Something wasn’t sticking. There was an unfulfilled part of me as I looked for everything external to brighten me.

At that juncture, I switched my major to English/Journalism a little over a year ago and today have dreams of becoming a travel journalist. When I’m not writing or working as a part-time server or florist, I enjoy happy hour, finding new music, gardening, going to brunch, attempting to cook , and getting outside as much as possible.

I dedicate my posts to the twenty-somethings. May you always create your own path and may you always be on your inner quest.

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