It's OK To Be 50

  • By:  Judy Blaylock

You’re not getting older. You’re getting better. Here’s why!

It’s OK to be 50.

Yes, that’s what I said, it’s OK! Turning 50 leads to changes both mentally and physically, so I did what every other woman would do; I Googled “what to expect when you turn 50.” Then I took a deep breath and thought, “I guess it all goes downhill from here!”

Based on the search results, my life of energy, happiness, and joy would expire at 50. Not willing to accept this fate, I shut off my computer, sat back in my chair and reflected upon what I did when I approached 50. I performed a dance routine with a belly dancer, and I don’t even belly dance. I tried acroyoga, and I scheduled a fitness photo shoot. “Hmmm, take that Google!” That was when I decided to embrace the impending age of 50.

It is so easy to conform to society, to follow what the all-knowing Google says. “Very often women gain weight,” “Short term memory doesn’t work like it used to,” “Your skin changes completely. It becomes thin and looks unattractive.”

As a woman, you can choose to be that “Negative Nancy” and become that moody, overweight, sweaty, not-so-sexual woman. Or, you can choose to do what I feel is a better alternative: turn all the frustrating negatives into fabulous 50 positives.
New positive thoughts...

• Weight gain? It was time to make these changes anyway. Start eating right and get a workout plan in action.

• Hot flashes? You are sweating out all the bad toxins in your body. So you are a little flushed and glistening—that’s sexy!

• Hormonal changes and mood swings? Well, you survived puberty so just accept it and embrace it just like you did then.

• Lack of energy? Well shoot, this is only because you just worked your butt off doing your new workout plan!

• Memory loss? You can have fun with this one. It’s not really considered forgetting. The way I see it, it’s more like giving some one else an opportunity to help you or do for you the things you forgot to do. On a serious note, you may want to include some leafy green vegetables, berries, and salmon in that new healthy eating plan of yours. If you can remember to add that to the grocery list.

• Age spots? You earned those, be proud. They are battle scars that show experience and hard-earned lessons learned.

• Grey hair? If it bothers you, then pamper yourself and go to a salon. If you can’t afford it, grey hair is absolutely beautiful. Just keep it and be your natural, beautiful self.

• Decrease in sex drive? Now is the time you can spice things up and find those new things that turn you on. Get creative!

• Vaginal dryness? There’s a simple fix for this one. You will not be the only person in the lube aisle at Walgreens. Natural remedies like coconut oil or olive oil work great too. Trust me. From age 18 to 80 years old, it happens.

My friends, you don’t have to sit around in a muumuu dress, watching TV and worrying about menopause. Go ahead, make the choice to be that woman that defies Google, is full of life, love, and positivity. Take the time to manage or even prevent these less fortunate life changes that we face. It happens. But it’s OK. You needed to make changes anyway. You needed to make these positive changes to be a part of life, to keep up with your growing teenager, your independent college student, your energetic grandbaby.

Feeling beautiful is not a sign that you are selfish; it is a sign that you are living your best life in the present moment. It is not selfish if you wake up happy. It is not selfish if your body feels good. It is not selfish if you choose to spend the night cuddling with your significant other versus going out. It is not selfish if you have a little skip in your step the following day. It is not selfish if you decided to take yourself on a morning walk. It is not selfish if you decided this is how you wanted to sweat this morning instead of always being sweaty from a hot flash.

Age is just a number. You all have heard that before. But it’s true. I am 50 years old. I lift weights, dance around to music whenever I get a chance, dress up like a pirate for pirate festivals, do pole workouts, bike ride, and play around on the beach with my newfound love for acroyoga. I found LIFE. Or one could say—with age, LIFE found me.

Make these healthy changes. Negative Nancy no more! Because you know what? Age is inevitable so just try to laugh at the changes. Laugh when you are stripping half your clothes off in the frozen food section at your local grocery store because you are having a hot flash. Laugh at all the ridiculous things you are doing or forgetting to do. Just laugh.

It’s OK. Because it’s OK to be 50!

Judy Blaylock is the owner of J&B Cleaning Services. She is not only a mother of two and a grandma (aka Gigi), but she also practices acroyoga and has been an award-winning competitor in fitness competitions. Judy promotes healthy living and believes in motivating and teaching people success through positivity.

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