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Still Life With Sierra

I’m thrilled to think that in a very few days my memoir Still Life with Sierra will be ready to share with the world. I started writing this book in 1997 – 13 years ago – and finally it is ready to unleash. The memoir has been through numerous iterations, but the end result is worth it. I have poured my soul into this book, and honestly I think it’s the perfect balance of sadness and hope, despair and joy. I hope you think so, too.

Here’s the jacket blurb:

Just as life at its best is a journey toward meaning and truth, this memoir recounts one family’s quest to find where they belong, how they fit in after a tragic loss rocked their perception of what life should be. Seeking a fresh start, the author, her husband, and their young sons relocated to the Netherlands. “We moved our lives, our belongings, our coffee mugs across the Atlantic, hoping to find a place that felt like home,” the author said.

Instead, they found something unexpected: that the home they were seeking didn’t exist. It evaporated along with the life they used to have, before Sierra died, when the young couple with three small children lived a life that held great promise.

This memoir tells of the cascading events that followed Sierra’s death as the family searched for a new definition of home. Striving to fill in the blanks, they became pilgrims of the heart, finding it necessary to take measure of who they had become and what life meant to them in order to complete their journey.

This is the story of how one family lost their place in the world and then found it again.

In a few days, the book will be available on Amazon. I will post a link. Please share with your friends!

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