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Random Thoughts With Wine and Chocolate

Eating milk chocolate and drinking Pinot Noir after a superb day. Where do I begin? Actually before I begin, I want to share a few random thoughts:

• Dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate.

• Malbec is better than Pinot Noir

Now that I’ve established my preferences, for what they’re worth, I’m ready to take you vicariously through my most amazing day.

I communed with my inner cowgirl this a.m., riding across the desert with Jeffrey, my guide, who helped me feel good about my riding ability and shared pointers for improvements (“Heels down!”).

Afterwards I rushed to Aji Spa, a most amazing spa with a clothing optional outdoor Jacuzzi (yep), amazing eucalyptus-infused steam bath (yep), and a Native American healing massage that revealed visions that I can’t begin to describe (double yep). Belen, my therapist, was so tuned into what my body and soul needed. She’s tuned in on many levels, and all I can say is “Wow.” I saw stars.

Now after dinner, some wine, and yep, some chocolate. I feel drained -- like I have let something very big go. I’m not cured, but I have taken a step closer to where I am going.

Have you?

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